Following is a brief outline of the pool purchase/installation process form start to finish.

1) Initial telephone inquiry to set up a "no obligation" meeting at your home to review the details of your needs.

site logistics (backyard access, property elevations, gas and hydro availability, etc.)

pool construction process, construction materials and methodologies

your needs/wishes and add our professional expertise

municipal permit requirements and by-law regualtions

prepare accurate budgets for “all” project related costs

provide an extensive reference list for your review

This meeting is important and we will take the time necesary to explain everything to you. While this may sound like a lot, remember you are making a significant investment in your home and you owe it to yourself to take the time to thoroughly understand the entire process.

2) Book installation date.

A small deposit will be due when booking the start date, but no further payments will be required until construction process is well under way. We will then need additional deposits as the construction is completed. We will provide you a complete schedule of all payments required and when they will be due.

3) Dynamic pools will prepare an initial scaled backyard concept sketch and arrange all municipal permit documents.

4) Second meeting will be held to review the concept sketch and permit documents. Any changes required to the concept sketch will be done at this point.

5) Third meeting with client to physically layout pool in backyard and finalize pool location and elevation.
6) Actual pool construction takes approximately 1 week (weather permitting).

we only build one pool at a time. (Please note you must allot additional time if landscaping is being performed at the time of pool construction).

when it comes to pool construction, no compromises are made

we use only Z700 galvanized steel panels and A-frames with 5” top and bottom rails which are completely encased in concrete

our pools are plumbed using only schedule 40 pvc plumbing material

double track “aluminum” coping materials are utilized (no plastic)

our pools are backfilled using only clear stone, eliminating the possibility of any unwanted settling

our pool decks are supported with 6” concrete filled sonotubes on 3’ centres, reinforced with 1/2” steel rebar and fibremesh

decks are poured with 6000 psi, air entrained concrete

the multi-stage concrete floor is finished to perfection with machine polishing

we use only custom fit 100% virgin vinyl liners

state of the art Hayward circulation, filtration, and salt water chlorination systems

7) Your pool is now filled with water, water chemistry is balanced, and filtration equipment started up.
8) The final step is to bring you up to speed on the operation, and safe use of your new swimming pool.
we will perform a “hands-on” orientation with you, which takes approximately 1 to 2 hours
9) We always provide on-going client support and service and can assist you with all of the things you need to keep your pool in optimum condition.

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